Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Review

Sara’s review:

I cannot stop talking about this graphic novel. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is Marvel Universe’s most unique power duo to date. The main character, Lunella Lafayette (aka Moon Girl) is an incredibly intelligent, spunky pre-teen who is determined to never be forced to become a super-human via the alien, DNA altering cloud that is currently plaguing the average citizens of the Marvel Universe. On her quest to find the technology to protect herself from the mist she stumbled into the Devil Dinosaur- a intuitive, bright red, giant T-Rex who traveled here from another dimension. This unlikely duo is a refreshing break from your average superhero story because it falls in the exciting trend of inclusivity in comics (i.e. Kamala Kahn as Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales as Spiderman and Riri Williams as Iron-Man). I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds and how Lunella deals with school, her parents and, now, her giant, bright red, T-Rex sidekick.

Click here to find Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur by Amy Reeder, Illustrated by Natacha Bustos, Text by Brandon Montclare