The War I Finally Won Review

Linda B.’s review:

I have recommended The War that Saved My Life to anyone who has even casually glanced at the cover. I’ll ask, do you like stories about figuring our who you are, World War II, the bombings of the English countryside, horses? If I get a weak yes to any of those questions, I press this book into their hands. Naturally, I was thrilled to see that there was a second book following our heroine Ada. I know it’s not a compelling cover but it hides a gem of a book. This one starts with Ada learning that her biological mother is dead and that she will be staying with Susan for the rest of the war. They live in a house on Lady Thorton’s property but it’s huge. The house fills up when Susan takes on a Jewish German Maths student and Lady Thorton herself. This is when the story takes off because they are afraid of this German girl since she comes from the same country as Hitler. The author captures the concerns that modern day Americans have about our good Muslim neighbors because they belong to a religion that has some madmen using it as an excuse to cause harm to others. The little German girl takes the same sort of abuse that we read in the news and tries to point out the things that her hosts don’t know about Hitler and what has probably happened to her extended family. The reader can nod along because we have context for what she’s talking about but the other characters think she is exaggerating because they can’t imagine the horrors she has seen. I love these books because the author examines the quiet parts of our souls that worry about everything. I believe this book could stand on its own but I highly recommend reading them together.

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