Final Girls Review

Alicia’s review:

Anyone accustomed with the horror film genre knows the term “final girl.” In loose terms, a final girl is the one who manages to outwit, outmaneuver and/or outlast a homicidal maniac. In this book, Riley Sager takes the term and focuses primarily on Quincy Carpenter, who managed to survive a brutal attack on her and her friends while partying at a remote cabin in the woods. If this sounds like a familiar plot line from a horror movie, it is. However, Sager manages to take this concept and elevate it a bit for this book. I found this to be an interesting take on the unreliable narrator concept. Quincy is our main narrator, but Sager manages to make her reasons for being unreliable conceivable instead of her being a terrible person like in Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.

I recommend this book for people who are fans of horror and thriller movies and/or books. The book kept me guessing a bit and I appreciated how the story unfolded.

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