The Burning Girl Review

Laura L’s review:

This a beautiful tale of two young girls, friends their whole lives, who begin to drift apart in adolescence.  We’ve all experienced it.  The freedom of youthful friendships, before we really know anything about ourselves or each other.  Julia and Cassie are inseparable.  Their exploits will remind all of us of friends we had growing up, the scrapes and mishaps we got  into together.  The thought that we’d be friends forever.  Then we grow up, want different things, live different experiences.  Before you realize it you are drifting apart.  It happens to Julia and Cassie as they enter 7th grade.  Cassie falls in with the popular crowd and heads down a dangerous path.  Julia is steady in her path while Cassie struggles.  Can a childhood friendship survive adolescence when you realize you are really different people?

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