Beaches Review

Ryan’s review:

A career highlight for Barbara Hershey and especially Bette Midler, who scored big with “Wind Beneath My Wings”, 1988’s Beaches is a superior example of the women’s tearjerker genre. Some of the film is concerned with romantic relationships, but men take a dramatic backseat to the women in this film, the love story of two best friends. After meeting as children, C.C. (Midler) and Hillary (Hershey) maintain their sometimes long-distance friendship through personal ordeals, professional triumphs, quarrels, ups and humiliating downs, but always return to each other. Hillary is an attorney and socialite, while C.C. achieves success as a world-famous singer and actress, furnishing Midler with an excuse to stop the show with numbers like the embarrassingly bawdy show tune “Otto Titsling”, the garishly realized avant-garde curiosity “Oh Industry”, and the more thematically relevant old standard “The Glory of Love”. Even a few male viewers may get misty-eyed at the end of Beaches. DVD extras include director Garry Marshall’s pleasantly chummy commentary, a blooper reel, Barbara Hershey’s screen test, and an interview with Blossom actress Mayim Bialik, who plays C.C. in the film’s flashbacks.

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