Young Jane Young Review

Linda’s review: 

This story starts out from the perspective of a doting mother whose daughter has made a terrible decision. She’s sleeping with a married congressman. Even though she gives her daughter, Aviva the right advice, the affair continues and is eventually exposed. The daughter is crucified in the press and only drops out of the spotlight when 9/11 happens. She soon discovers that the internet is forever and she will never escape what happened. The mother loses contact with her and the next point of view begins. This book is told from five different perspectives by four different characters. The mother, the daughter, the congressman’s wife, and the granddaughter that runs straight back into the mess in order to discover who her father is. It’s an interesting take on how our choices shape the way our lives go. Every 20-something has an idea of how life should go but in the end, it rarely turns out the way we thought. This story is funny and a wonderful look at how we judge ourselves and others from different views.

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