Marked for Death Review

Ryan’s review:

Russo-Mongolian-American superman Steven Seagal plays soft-spoken revenge-seeker John Hatcher in 1990’s Marked for Death, a quintessential old-school anti-drug action movie in the tradition of No Safe Haven (1987) and Delta Force 2 (1990). Disillusioned with his work for the DEA, Hatcher quits and hopes to live out the rest of his life in ponytailed tranquility. “Father, I just killed a woman,” he confesses. “I’ve lied. I’ve slept with informants. I’ve taken drugs and falsified evidence. I did whatever I had to do to get the bad guys. Then I realized something – that I had become what I most despise.” “Try to find the gentle self inside you,” suggests his confessor. “Allow this person to come back.” Clearly, this man has never seen a Steven Seagal movie. After his niece, played by Halloween 4 (1988) and 5 (1989) cutie Danielle Harris, is riddled with bullets in a drug-related drive-by shooting at his sister’s house, Hatcher goes full Duterte on the Jamaican posse responsible, pursuing colorfully monikered crack kingpin Screwface back to Jamaica on an arm-breaking, head-hammering, eye-gouging odyssey into vengeance. You could be a cartel assassin or a hooker – Hatcher will neutralize you if you get in his way, and he won’t even break a sweat! Assisting him in his mission is an old friend portrayed by Keith David, Rowdy Roddy Piper’s punching buddy from They Live (1988). Also watch for future star Danny Trejo in a minor role in the opening act of this mandatory Seagal fight-fest.

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