Hunger Review

Review by Amber

Author of New York Times’ Bestseller Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay’s memoir is poignant and timely. This memoir is Gay unraveling her relationship with her body, her self, and the world around her. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, she stands at over six feet tall and, at her heaviest, over four hundred pounds; in other words, she frequently found (and still finds) it difficult to “fit in” to a world that has preconceptions of what she’s “supposed to be.” This book helps to untangle the intersection between her feminism, the physical space she and others take up, her own personal traumas, and the impact all of these have on her day-to-day life and perception of herself. It is at the same time a lament for an unrealized self, a cry of fierce independence and self-appreciation, and a brilliant reminder to re-examine how we view and care for ourselves.

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