The Map of Time Review

Shannon’s review:

It’s a book about Jack the Ripper! Wait, it’s a book about traveling through time to stop Jack the Ripper! No, it’s…a book about the future war between humanity and the automatons. Actually, it’s a book about the entrepreneur who steals a wormhole to allow Victorian Era Britons to travel in time to watch the climactic battle between humanity’s champion, Captain Derek Shackleton, and Solomon, king of the automatons. Really, it’s a book about H.G. Wells, author of The Time Machine, trying to discover if time travel is just something he himself made up, or if time travel really exists. And somehow, all these plots work together, and it’s really just one big book about science and fantasy, about fact and fiction, about the lengths that people will go to for love, or money, or prestige. The first of a trilogy, The Map of Time is so bursting with inventive, imaginative ideas, it’s hard to put down.

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