A Very Short Introduction Series Review

Shannon’s review:

I don’t know anything about philosophy. I’d kind of like to start learning about philosophy. Where should I start? Some of those books up here look like textbooks. I don’t really want to take a college class, you know? I just want to learn a little something, just enough so that if it comes up in conversation, I don’t sound like an idiot. I could maybe just read the Wikipedia article, but that’s not quite in depth enough, really, and besides, anyone can edit that. …Wait a second. What’s this slim volume here? Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction. Why, this looks like a short yet powerful read! It doesn’t overload me with information, yet gives me a good background on a wide topic! And there’s a nice bibliography should I decide to read more!

The library has a bunch of Very Short Introductions. Check them out.

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