Playing Hurt Review

Laura L.’s review:

Wow. It’s so interesting to read about people you see on TV. You see what they present: often thinking of how wealthy they are, how famous, how perfect their lives must be. The reality is often different in very surprising ways. This can certainly be said for former ESPN sportscaster John Saunders. I’ve watched him for years do broadcasts on various sports and he always seemed this happy, jovial person. In fact, he suffered from depression for most of his life. His book, not quite finished before his untimely death last year, recounts in startling honesty his struggles with the disease. It’s a beautiful, honest book about his younger years, the challenges he faced during that time, then trying to find himself as a young man. All the while struggling with this vicious disease that repeatedly made him think of ending his life. It’s hard to read a book when you know the sad outcome but it was worth it to learn more about this talented man. What a fantastic read!

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