Calypso Review

We have reviews from two staff members for this title!

Darla’s review:

This is the tenth book of essays by Mr. Sedaris and it seems more personal, somehow. Mr. Sedaris’s writing always creeps up on you. He ropes you in with a laugh-out-loud story about going to the store and when he’s got you laughing, bam! He hits you with a poignantly sad fact about going to the store right after his mother died. It is hilarious and heart wrenching all at the same time. Plus, damn him, he makes you think of your own tenuous hold on life. If I were asked to define Calypso, I would say it is largely about getting older and witnessing everyone you love aging with you. It is also an oft painful examination of the loss of his younger sister to suicide. If you are a fan of David Sedaris, you should definitely read this. If you are not familiar with David Sedaris, then first read Me Talk Pretty One Day or Holidays on Ice, the better to appreciate this deeply satisfying installment.

Laura L.’s review:

Calypso is a deeply personal offering from essayist David Sedaris. The selections are mostly centered around his family and their quirkiness. It’s always somewhat comforting to read about the dysfunction in other families. Makes you feel less embarrassed about yours. Sedaris has a way of telling you stories that make you think of something similar in your life. I constantly find myself going ‘oh god, yes, I remember….’ He is a master at making you realize you can love a family member and have them be annoying at the same time. The essays in Calypso cover a wide range of topics, from serious to bizarre – the suicide of his sister, regrets about his alcoholic mother, an aging father, dealing with in-laws, feeding a tumor (his) to a snapping turtle, a fox named Carol, his family’s obsession with quirky clothing from Japan, his obsession with his Fitbit (I can relate!), a beach house named Sea Section (no kidding!), the fear traveling with a gastrointestinal virus and much more. Already looking forward to the next David Sedaris book!

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