The Garden Party

The Garden Party Review

Laura L.’s review:

The Garden Party makes me think of Meet the Fockers but without the slapstick comedy. Two very different families gather for a wedding rehearsal the night before the wedding. On the bride’s side you have a very WASP-y type family of lawyers. On the groom’s side you have a very artsy, bohemian family. All are worried about how they will interact and learn to get along in the future. This story is not so much about the bride and groom (although they are still considering whether to elope the night before) as it is about the families. Not only the two different families but also the families themselves and how they treat each other. There are A LOT of characters at the garden party and at times as the reader I felt like I missed the parts of the conversation. But it’s an accurate reflection of how dinner parties like this go. So many side conversations, everyone talking at once. It’s a nice trick to revisit every conversation – one I’d like to master in real life!

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