Too Perfect Review

Kim’s review:

In Too Perfect, practicing psychologist Dr. Allan Mallinger outlines exactly what it means to be a perfectionist and the effect perfectionism can have on a person. Using case histories, self-evaluation, and step by step strategies, he reveals the toll it can take on your mental health, enjoyment of life, and relationships. Though perfectionism is something that is often seen as a positive, particularly in the workplace, it can have many detrimental effects that negate any positive outcomes.

As a life-long perfectionist, I found this book to be very eye opening. Dr. Mallinger breaks down the issues with perfectionism and the different types of what he calls “obsessive personalities” in a very straightforward and comprehensive way, complete with examples anyone with these tendencies will recognize. He then outlines simple steps to begin to remedy those issues, both for the perfectionist and those around them. If you would like to better understand your own behaviors or those of a loved one, this book is an excellent place to start.

Click here to find Too Perfect: When Being in Control Gets Out of Control by Allan E. Mallinger and Jeannette De Wyze.