Leadership in Turbulent Times

Leadership in Turbulent Times Review

Darla’s review:

Ordinarily, this is not a book I would’ve picked up, even though I love me some Doris Kearns. I loved all the other books of hers that I’ve been fortunate enough to read: No Ordinary Time, Team of Rivals and The Bully Pulpit. But this one about Leadership had no real appeal, until I listened to her talk about why she chose this topic. Yes, she says, we are currently facing turbulent times but that’s not the primary reason she wrote this. She said it takes her so long to write a book that she feels like she’s living with her topics. She lived with Lincoln for 7 years, Roosevelt for 8 and even longer with the Roosevelts, she actually stayed with Johnson when she helped him write his memoirs. She said that once you spend so much time with a person, they are hard to give up and she thinks about them often, wondering if there was anything else she could discover and that’s when she came up with looking at them as Leaders and writing from that perspective. What surprised me most is how much I learned about them all! Very good book, would recommend to anyone who love Doris Kearns Goodwin and anyone that wants to read examples of Leadership challenges!

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