Ogre Enchanted Review

Linda’s review:

Have you seen the movie Ella Enchanted? Read the book, it’s even better! Now, Ms. Levine has released this new novel following Evie, who is caught in one of the Fairy Lucinda’s schemes to make the world a better place. The fairy believes that love conquers all and has been working to make sure she is present at every proposal and wedding in the kingdom so she can hand out blessings on demand. When Evie turns down Wormy’s marriage proposal, Lucinda turns her into an ogre for 62 days until she can find someone who will love her. As you can imagine, not many human suitors are lining up for the honor of marrying an ogre, a race that has a long history of terrorizing and then eating people. This is a story that has everyone give a second thought to what love really is. You will enjoy Evie’s revelations and the ending!

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