Ana María Reyes Does NOT Live in a Castle Review

Kim P.’s review:

“Ana María Reyes’ last name may mean kings, but that doesn’t mean she lives in a castle.” Far from it, but that also does not mean life is bad. Piano virtuoso Ana María, has exciting news to share with her parents! The exclusive Eleanor school is accepting scholarships and her music teacher thinks she has a great chance of getting in! Her parents are less than thrilled with the news though, Things are already tight at home and they have news of their own to share. There is a new baby on the way. Things begin to come together, though and if she can just get past a trip to visit family, and prepare for a big concert, she just might make it. This book is notable because it’s not just a good story, it’s a story that is well written and good for kids to read and one that many will relate to. The setting and situations are true to life and the characters are well drawn and show true growth. At the end, Ana María learns a valuable lesson about honesty, perseverance and that family will help you through almost anything if you just give them a chance.

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