A Simple Favor Review

Kim W.’s review:

I am a person who generally prides herself on being able to figure out the ending of books and movies before they happen, but A Simple Favor had so many surprises, I couldn’t keep up – and I loved it! Based on the book of the same name by Darcy Bell, A Simple Favor follows mommy vlogger and widow Stephanie as she tries to figure out what happened to her glamorous and enigmatic best friend Emily, who goes missing after asking Stephanie to pick up her son from school. As Stephanie inserts herself deeper and deeper into the life Emily left behind, she discovers that she didn’t really know her friend all that well after all. As twisty-turny as any soap opera, A Simple Favor is also really funny. The two lead women have great chemistry, and the movie is peppered with hilarious side characters. The levity helps keep the often outlandish reveals from veering into hokey melodrama. The characters do terrible things to each other, but they’re all so charming it’s impossible not to like them. It’s a totally nutty ride, perfect for sharing with your best friend.

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