Come Find Me Review

Kim’s review:

In Megan Miranda’s latest YA thriller, she examines the effects that grief and hope can have on people. Kennedy, who lost her family to murder, and Nolan, who’s brother disappeared, are brought together by a mysterious frequency both of them discover where no pattern should have been. Is the frequency a coincidence or does it hold the answers they both desperately need?

Having previously read her adult works, this is the first of her YA I’ve picked up. It maintains her signature style, with the added bonus of a deeper emotional depth and just a touch of the supernatural. It’s not lacking for the twists, unreliable characters, and sense of dread her other works hold, though., and the ending is satisfying, both emotionally and within the frame of the story. This is a great pick for anyone who loves thrillers, crime fiction, or affecting stories of overcoming loss.

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