Kiki Swinson Readalikes

On April 13, we’ll be hosting authors Kiki Swinson and Tiffany Warren. To register for this awesome event, click here. Looking for more authors like them? Try this list of readalikes for Kiki Swinson. Next week, we’ll feature Tiffany Warren’s readalikes.

Ashley Antoinette
Half of the popular married duo, Ashley and JaQuavis, she has written and co-written over 40 novels. Several of her titles have hit The New York Times bestsellers list, but she is most widely regarded for her racy four-book saga, The Prada Plan.

JaQuavis Coleman
The other half of the popular married duo, Ashley and JaQuavis, he has written and co-written over 30 novels. He is best known for the popular Cartel series he co-wrote with Ashley Antoinette.

Nisa Santiago
She is a bestselling novelist who had made a name for herself in urban fiction when she wrote her first novel, Cartier Cartel, which garnered rave reviews. She’s best known for book series such as The Baddest Chick, Murdergram, Killer Dolls, and Mafioso.

He is the award-winning author of multiple crime and urban fiction titles under his name including Gangsta, Road Dawgz, Hood Rat, and Animal. His credits also include featured commentary in the award winning documentary Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp and a recurring role as an analyst on TV-One’s Celebrity Crime Files. 

Joy Deja King
She writes young, hip, and sexy novels that introduce readers to street life in all its complexity through the glamorous entertainment industry, based on her experience working in public relations. She is the author of the Triple Crown titles BitchBitch Reloaded and The Bitch Is Back.

Wahida Clark
She is one of only 4 urban lit authors to appear on the New York Times bestseller list and she has launched her own publishing company.  Her books include Thugs and the Women Who Love Them, Payback is a Mutha, The Golden Hustla, and Sleeping with the Enemy.

Nikki Turner
She is the bestselling author of books such as Heartbreak of a Hustler’s Wife, Ghetto Superstar, Black Widow, The Glamorous Life, and A Project Chick, and editor of and a contributing author to her Street Chronicles series. She has also collaborated with hip-hop heavyweights such as 50 Cent, Dana Dane, and Styles P.

Niobia Bryant
She’s the author of several romance, urban fiction, and young adult fiction series including the Passion Grove, Friends & Sins, Real Wifeys, and Pace Academy series. She’s been nominated for and won numerous awards, and her books receive rave reviews.

De’Nesha Diamond
She’s the author of over 50 romance novels under various pseudonyms, including the Hoodwives and the Divas series. Understanding that there is a fine line between glorifying thug life and telling it like it is, she spins cautionary tales inspired by personal experience and the heartbreaking stories that make our nightly news. 

Mary B. Morrison
She is the author of 26 books in which women overcome heart-wrenching challenges. Female empowerment is the primary focus in all of her works. including Head Games, The Rich Girls Club, and the Crystal series. 

Sister Souljah
As one of the biggest names in the urban fiction genre, she is the author of 5 novels and has top the New York Times bestseller list 3 times. She is best know for her book
The Coldest Winter Ever.