The Bees Review

Darla’s review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Another book club read that led to an interesting discussion.  It is the story of a working hive told through one worker bee, Flora 717.  She is different; she’s bigger than the other worker bees and seems to be more cognizant of the hive, as a whole.  Many of the book club members were upset that Flora 717 is elevated from the class she is placed in by birth, but I feel the story was written in such a way that Flora 717’s rise within the ranks was believable, as well as laudable.  Because she is a worker, she is somewhat ignored, but she keeps doing things that capture the attention of her superiors and, in the end, things change because of her existence.  I found the story fascinating and I truly enjoyed learning about bees.  This book provided intriguing information about bees: what they eat, how they survive winter, what happens to the drones at the end of each season and much more.  If you like books that suck you in and/or books that create an entirely new reality, this one’s for you.

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