The Testaments Review

Darla’s review:

Thirty years later and Ms. Atwood still delivers.  Granted, this does not have the shock value The Handmaid’s Tale had, but the literary world is in a different place.  Dystopic views of the world were not that easy to find 30 years ago; today it would be hard to walk in the YA section and not see a dystopic novel every other book!  This sequel does answer a lot of questions, you find out what happened to many of the characters from The Handmaid’s Tale, you find out what life is like in Gilead AND what life is like outside of Gilead.  You find out some collateral damage Gilead has caused the world. It fills in the many gaps that The Handmaid’s Tale created.  I would recommend to anyone who has read The Handmaid’s Tale (and if you haven’t read it, why not?).  In fact, reading this made me want to revisit Handmaid.  You can’t ask for more than that from a sequel.

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