3 For Fans of Amazon’s The Boys

Love Amazon’s dark take on superheroes? Try these!

Watchmen by Alan Moore
Superhuman still means human. In this classic graphic novel by Alan Moore, someone has been assassinating the retired vigilante heroes of the past. Is this just another psycho on the streets or do they know something about these infamous figures?

Illuminae by Kristoff Kaufman
If evil corporations, space battles, and deadly disease are all in your wheelhouse you’ll love Illuminae. One of the best audiobooks created.

American Psycho
If you want more of the chills Homelander provided American Psycho may be up your alley. A narcissistic Patrick Bateman can wreak havoc on his city due to his modern superpower, being a rich white man. Give him some laser vision and a cape and you have the oh-so terrifying Homelander.