Classic German Baking Review

Magda’s review:

This cookbook contains well developed and detailed recipes. The author shares that “German baked goods are generally less sweet than American ones. Germans don’t eat cake for dessert. Baked goods are eaten in the afternoon as a separate meal, not after the meal as a treat. So, the cakes have to be a little more wholesome. One of the most widely practiced traditions is the afternoon coffee and cake break called Kaffeezeit. This tradition dates back to Germany’s agricultural times when laborers were hungry by the afternoon and in need of a snack to sustain them until dinnertime. ”The book also includes a pronunciation guide and a “basic” section that explains, for example, what is quark, vanilla sugar, marzipan and other regional ingredients. This cookbook contains around 100 time-honored German, Swiss, and Austrian recipes, but I found only one bundt cake. My major complaint is that there are very few pictures of completed cakes and pastries, because what is a cookbook without pictures? The book is decorated instead with pictures of German houses, infrastructure and country side. Pictures are still worth a thousand words!

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