Mexican Gothic Review

Review by Jacqueline

This will be a simple review: I adored this book. I devoured it, and it left me wanting even more. Silvia Moreno-Garcias’s new novel is an absolute gothic masterpiece. As every good gothic novel must, Mexican Gothic tells a story of both love and terror, weaving a tale that is simultaneously hopeless and hopeful with a healthy dose of the supernatural, and deftly addresses class, racism, and culture. This story is packed with characters who carry a tangible presence, some of whom are immediately relatable and lovable, and others who irk and discomfit with startling effectiveness. Get ready for Mexican Gothic to immerse you in the beauty of the Mexican mountains, and then plunge you into the dark, Victorian nightmare of High Place. Fans of Shirley Jackson and the Bronte sisters will adore this stunning, unique take on gothic literature.

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