The Twisted Ones Review

Review by Carly

Buckle up because this folk horror is about to take you on a ride. Meet the main character, Mouse, and her dog, Bongo. Mouse’s father has asked for one hell of a favor. Drive down to rural North Carolina and clean out her dead and incredibly hateful grandmother’s house. Unbeknownst to Mouse, her grandmother developed a habit of hoarding, but the strangest thing afoot isn’t the stuffed moose head or the room filled with hundreds of naked baby dolls. There is something in the woods, something twisted. Mouse, Bongo, and their neighbor Foxy, armed with only the journal of Mouse’s dead step-grandfather, must go where no mortals are meant to go.

This book is unsettling, to say the least. There are so many classic horror elements: terrifying creatures, ancient journals, secret societies, folklore, and finally a repetitive and creepy phrase. Trust me, by the time you are done reading this book you will be repeating “And I twisted myself like the twisted ones”. Creepy. Also, this isn’t really a spoiler but more of a PSA, the dog DOES NOT die in the end. Don’t worry Bongo continues to bay throughout the book.  You’ll love Mouse’s determination and fall for Foxy’s vibe. Definitely make this your next folk horror read!

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