Bob Newhart Show + Mary Tyler Moore Show Review

Review by Joshua P.

I think we can all agree 2020 has been a complete mess, so, take a comforting trip back to the 1970s where the clothes are polyester, the carpet is shag, and the laughs are plentiful with a couple of classic comedies with legendary lead performers. 

In The Bob Newhart Show, Newhart plays a Chicago psychologist and it smartly lets him do what he did best by putting a bunch of eccentrics in the room with him and turning him loose with his masterful, deadpan comedic style. There really is no one better than Bob Newhart at this and his ability to play off of those around him with understated, dry wit is unmatched. Also featuring a strong female counterpart in the cast with Suzanne Pleshette as his independent and opinionated wife, The Bob Newhart Show is a retro blast of fun. 

Equally as good (and more groundbreaking in having an unmarried female lead, which was unheard of when it came on the air in 1970) is The Mary Tyler Moore Show starring, who else, Mary Tyler Moore as a newly hired employee at a Minneapolis TV station. Like Bob Newhart, Moore is essentially the straight person here, mining laughs via all the oddballs around her (Ted Knight’s blustering anchorman sendup is 100% pure gold) as she travails the professional and dating life of a single woman from the era. 

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