Infused Review

Review by Magda

Henrietta Lovell, the author of this book, is a world known, London based “tea lady”. Her rare tea knowledge is sought after all over the world, as she blends and sell tea to major hotel chains and fancy restaurants. In this book, she takes us on her travel adventures around the world visiting major tea producing regions and famous tea gardens. Besides easy-flowing stories of her travels and vivid language of her tea tasting experiences, she relates a little trivia about tea, such as the first remains of tea were found in a grave dating to 141 BCE, containing White Silver needle, a style of tea that is drank to this day. She tells us that in Asian countries a person drinks on average 6 cups of tea per day and in England there was tea rationing till 1952! China even lost Hong Kong in the Opium War over tea. The book has nice photographs of tea gardens and tea processes. This book should be everyone’s cup of tea as it is a fun and easy weekend read.

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