The Rockford Files Review

Review by Joshua P.

One of the quintessential shows of the 1970s, The Rockford Files had everything you’d want in a show about a Los Angeles private detective: a likable, charismatic lead in James Garner, tons of action, moments of comedic brevity, and plenty of heart. 

Garner is absolutely flawless as the ex-con Jim Rockford and his combination of genuineness and rugged manliness made it easy to root for him as he gets pulled into case after case that often leaves him being in physical danger and usually unpaid. Not an episode goes by that Rockford isn’t either punched by some lowlife or he gets into a car chase after said lowlife. The car chases, usually with Rockford’s iconic Firebird and with Garner himself at the wheel for many of the stunts, are some of the best car sequences in TV from the era. Featuring a who’s who of character actors from episode to episode and one of the great comic sidekicks in Angel (Stuart Margolin), The Rockford Files is just as fun now as when it came on the air in 1974. And as an added bonus, it has one of the best theme songs of all time that will be stuck in your head for days when it plays after the unique voice mail that always opened the show.

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