The Pirate Planet Review

Review by Ellen

A delightful Doctor Who story, written by Douglas Adams, novelized by James Goss. The Doctor, with the assistance fellow Time Lord Romana, is seeking out the six parts of the Key to Time, at the request of the White Guardian. This story tells their adventures in seeking the second key. They’ve traced the key to the planet Calufrax, but when they arrive there, they find instead of cold, unpopulated Calufrax, Zanek, where it rains down jewels, ruled by a person known as the Captain. They are curious about the mystery of why Zanek is where Calufrax should be, the oddities of the social structure, and the mysterious captain, and soon find themselves deep in adventure.

I’ve read several of Douglas Adams novels and I enjoy Doctor Who, so I was delighted to read a novelization based on one of Douglas Adams’s Doctor Who scripts. It did not disappoint. Adventure with humor, it did read much like a Douglas Adams novel. A fun book.

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