We Ride Upon Sticks Review

Review by Carly

We Ride Upon Sticks starts on the first day of summer field hockey camp. The Lady Falcons of Danvers High are not what you’d call an all-star team. In fact, they are terrible. Tired of the shame that comes with being last in your league a spunky French Canadian teammate, Mel Boucher, decides she’ll make a pact with whoever, or whatever, in order to win. Soon the entire team has signed their name in the dark book, or their version which features a young Emilio Estevez on the front cover. Bonded together by their shared secret, an armband of a blue tube sock, and Emilio, the ladies, and one guy, of the Lady Falcons, are on their way to State, but nothing comes without a price as the team soon realizes.

This book was a lot of fun to read. It alternates from the viewpoints of all elven members of the Lady Falcons. You get to know each character personally. Any secrets, fears, and motives they have are all laid out to the reader. The side characters also play an important role and become more fleshed out. Plus the amount of late 80s nostalgia left me craving for times of big hair and good music. There are hints of magic throughout such as potions and telepathy but it is so much more than just a witch story, it’s also a field hockey story.

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