The Rise of Kyoshi Review

Review by Morgan

If you’re disappointed about the recent news of the creators of Avatar pulling out of the Netflix show and want some more in universe content, this is absolutely where you should go to get your fill. Rise of Kyoshi was written by F.C. Yee in tandem with Michael Dimartino (one of the series creators). This novel is in the same universe as the popular franchise, Avatar the Last Airbender (ATLA) by co-creators, Brian Konietzko and Michael Dimartino. The book follows young avatar Kyoshi (the Earthbender avatar prior to avatar Roku) in a coming of age story about the responsibilities of the Avatar. This book, however, is much grittier than you have come to expect from the universe’s forerunner ATLA. It is incredibly political, fleshing out the details of the avatars’ duties to the nation they were born in to and the interpersonal relationships between the cities within the kingdom. Kyoshi’s story isn’t heroic, it’s fueled by revenge. Read as Kyoshi comes to be everything you know her to be from the show: a famously ruthless and just Avatar with crazy bending abilities and a complex past. 

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