3 for the Fans of Witchy Vibes

Love those witchy vibes? Try these!

Witchbody by Sabrina Scott
Calling all witches! If you are wanting to further your practice, or maybe you just need a reminder of the magic that lives within you, might we recommend Witchbody? This graphic novel is filled with illustrations that will take your breath away and reflections that will restore it. Deep dive into everyday magic.

Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power by Pam Grossman
This non-fiction book examines the role of witches throughout history and their effect on culture. From the gallows of Salem to the local grocery store Halloween isle, witches are front and center. To be a witch is to be a woman with power, resistance, and rebellion. This magical trip through history will leave you feeling defined in your witchy-ness. 

We Ride Upon Sticks by Quan Barry
Meet a new type of coven, the Danvers female field hockey team. These ladies, and one boy, have pledged themselves to a darker power if only to win the state hockey championships. This mishmashed group of teenagers soon learn the power of mischief, fame, and self. Top it all off with the late 80s nostalgia and you have the perfect potion for a good time.