Less Review

Review by Darla

Winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.  One wonders why this is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.  It’s so relatable and nicely readable.  Arthur Less needs to avoid a wedding and to do so, he accepts every invitation he can: one to give a speech, one to teach a class, anything to get him as far away as possible.  He’s turning 50, he’s alone and he feels life has passed him by.  With captivating prose and sparkling wit, we learn that Arthur has had quite a life; he’s known and loved famous people, he is utterly loveable and forgivable.  You really grow to care about Arthur and want him to be happy.  I’d recommend this book for anyone facing middle age and/or facing a change in their lives.  I tried hard to come up with other books that are similar but that’s hard to do.  This book stands alone, I suppose that answers that Pulitzer question. 

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