Settle Review

Review by Aleesha

Score: 4/5 Records

Popular Tracks: Latch, White Noise

Personal Favorite Track: Confess to Me

Small Overview: The debut album for Disclosure is full of funk, fast tempos, and energy to keep you moving. This is not a funk album though. Settle is a mostly EDM/House music genre album. It is repetitive and drives the beat hard in your speakers until the end of the album. Settle is amazing to listen to for motivation. Turn this on when on the way to work, during a workout, or for some sort of motivation to do chores around the house. With this album those chores will get done, this time. Included in the album is an assortment of vocalist including the producers of the album who also happen to be brothers.  

More in Depth Analysis: Settle is one of the funkiest (as in funk music not smell) electronic/House music albums in existence. One of the brothers in the group spent a portion of his teenage years only listening to funk. Funk is very present throughout the album. For example, a lot of the melodies have plenty of rests. What does that mean? There are a lot of spaces where there is no sound or notes being played in the main melody. This is a characteristic of funk music. It is usually done to give more space for other instruments to have melodies or riffs. Most of the time in funk music you can hear this in the baseline but disclosure does it in the main melody, bassline, and in some of the drum instruments like in the song, “White Noise”. Put on your workout clothes or dancing shoes and check this out from the library!

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