Upright Women Wanted Review

Review by Darla

If you’re looking for a quick, dystopic, western romance, this is the book for you! In fact, read it if this is not what you’re looking for; it’s worth your time.   There is no prologue, the reader must figure out as they go along, which provides some delightful tension and makes the ride much more interesting.  It starts with Esther hiding in the wagon of the Traveling Librarians.  She just watched her best friend hang and is running away before her father marries her to a man she hates.  Esther’s ultimate goal is to join the Librarians, to become one of them as they deliver ‘State Approved Materials’ to the small towns on their route. Neither of the Librarians is happy that she’s along for the ride.  She soon discovers why no one is happy and realizes that things are not what they seem, and the world is way more complicated than she thought.   I like how all the women are written; they feel real, they have flaws and strengths, they are human.  I have one teeny little complaint: the length.  Now, that isn’t exactly fair. This is a novella. You know when you pick it up that it isn’t Tolstoy.  It’s just that I wanted more; I just wasn’t ready to let these characters go.  I am already anxious for the sequel.

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