The Colour and the Shape Review

Review by Aleesha

Score: 3/5 Records

Popular Tracks: “Monkey Wrench” “My Hero”

Personal Favorite Track: “My Hero”

Small Overview: Rock band the Foo Fighters returns with a full sophomore album called The Color and the Shape. This album is slightly alternative but mostly rock and punk rock. Songs like “Monkey Wrench,” “My Hero,” and “Enough Space” have blazing distorted guitars displaying their punk rock edge and deep angst. This was the album that started to set the Foo Fighters apart from the rest. The drums are huge, the guitars are huge, and lead singer Dave Grohl has the voice with quite the strong presence also. The album starts out slow with the song “Doll,” but the slow stuff pretty much stops right about there.

More in Depth Analysis: The lead singer of this band, Dave, used to drum in an alternative rock band that was very huge in the early ’90s called Nirvana. This album doesn’t just have breakthrough guitars. The drums on this album are just as important. So important, in fact, that the lead singer re-recorded all of the drums for this album and fired their drummer. One of the songs that has the biggest drum emphasis is track “My Hero.” Dave didn’t just re-record the drums for this song; he overdubbed them so that there were two complete and different drum tracks for the song. It is loud but perfect!  In this record, if there is a beat, there is a drum. Come check it out from the Library.

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