Good Neighbors book cover

Good Neighbors Review

Review by Jacqueline

The idyllic stretch of Maple Street in suburban New Jersey has something dark lurking beneath its perfectly manicured lawns, but what dwells in the clean cookie cutter homes lining the quiet neighborhood is even more sinister. Families on Maple Street have children who get good grades, fathers who work long hours, and housewives who revel in their domesticity, with few outliers. When the Wildes arrive, the atmosphere changes. Arlo, the rockstar father, and his former pageant queen wife and two children (one a rebel and one neurodivergent), along with a sinkhole full of stinking tar that opens after their arrival on Maple Street, trigger the rise of a frightening current of darkness among these good suburban neighbors. Sarah Langan weaves a dark tale of the most disturbing sides of human nature and shines a light on the ripples which childhood trauma can create in the lives which it touches.

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