The Diary of Alicia Keys album cover

The Diary of Alicia Keys Review

Review by Aleesha

Score: 4/5 Records

Popular Tracks: If I Ain’t Got You, Diary

Personal Favorite Track: Diary

Small Overview: Classically trained pianist, Alicia Keys, returns to album making with this smooth sophomore (her second album) jam, The Diary of Alicia Keys. This album is full of multiple genres. This is mostly an R&B album due to Alicia’s smooth singing vocals over mid-tempo songs. She also incorporates Hip-Hop production by scouting major 90’s Hip-Hop producer named Easy Mo Bee (produced for legendary artists Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.). This album covers plenty of musical ground. It has cover tracks from the 1970s like “If I Was Your Woman” to soft classical piano solos like in “Harlem’s Nocturne.” It goes from the hard-hitting drum beat with a classical music sample in “Karma” to finishing the album with a jazzy outro called “Nobody Not Really.” The album is predominantly R&B and worth the listen due to the spectrum of sounds.

More in Depth Analysis: Honestly, this album is a masterpiece. Looking back on this album, Alicia claims that she was going for a “Jazzy” musical sound. One way of showing this is by the amount of musical textures she incorporates on her tracks. Lots of musical textures mean that there are a lot of sounds, instruments, effects, parts of the song, and multiple genres conveyed within the piece of music. There are just plenty of sounds to pick out and listen to. For example, in the song “Diary,” the main melody is a very dark piano riff. The breakdown of the song has a solo by her and some of the vocalists on the song. The song dramatically changes key at the end. Experiencing this song is similar to being immersed into sound. Come check it out from the library and get those headphones ready!

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