Girl, Woman, Other Cover

Girl, Woman, Other Review

Review by Darla

Girl, Woman, Other is the 2019 Booker Prize winner (the only Booker ever given to two books, shared with Margaret Atwood’s The Testament). It is a novel presenting the intertwined stories of twelve women, all connected by varying threads and relationships. The style is at first jarring, with little punctuation and loosely structured paragraphs; do not let that sway you; this book is worth reading. You are captivated from the first woman, Amma, a Nigerian British playwright, to the last woman, orphaned bi-racial Grace. Some are lesbians, some are non-gender specific, some are from vastly different cultures, some are wealthy, some are poor. All of them live in England, and all of them have captivating stories to share.   The most important thing I take away from this book is that we are all the same. We all experience lost loves, grief, bad luck, and great things. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to step out of their shell and experience something vivid, beautiful, and new.

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