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The Best of Me Review

Review by Magda

During these times, it may be just good to reach for some much-needed humor. For me, the go-to author is David Sedaris, with his latest book, a selection of his favorite stories. Sedaris handpicks the stories, so we may be surprised that it does not contain a story that made him famous: “Santaland Diaries,” which every one of us heard on NPR at one time. Sedaris does not consider this to be his best piece of writing. He included some lesser-known or even unknown pieces he considers himself worth highlighting and pieces that he thinks were especially well written. Fortunately, The Best Of Me is available as an audiobook where one can really appreciate Sedaris’ humor when reading his books, as they were intended. He is famous for his “pregnant pause” in his diction. Also worthwhile is the interview with Sedaris at the end of the recording. He gives well-crafted and well-thought-through questions about his favorite authors and his favorite short stories he enjoys to re-read, and about his life during Covid. To me, David Sedaris is the master of contemporary American humor.

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