Can I Recycle This

Can I Recycle This? Review

Can I Recycle This? is an informative guide to recycling, presented in bite-size chunks. Want to know more about recycling in general, or what things are or aren’t recyclable? This book can help. For many different types of objects (cereal boxes, condiment cups, and paper carryout bags are a few examples), it indicates if they are recyclable and talks about why or why not. In addition, there’s much information about recycling and related topics. And it’s all divided into concise articles, most often just a couple of pages, including illustrations, which makes for easy reading.

I really appreciated this book. It’s very informative and reader-friendly, and very easy to read just a bit at a time, which makes it easy to take in. The illustrations are well done and helped make it a very readable book. Recommended for everyone.

Find Can I recycle this?: A Guide to Better Recycling and How to Reduce Single-use Plastics by Jennie Romer; illustrated by Christie Young at one of our branches.