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Sooley Review

Review by Laura

Mr. Grisham, we need to talk. I’m not supposed to cry over a Grisham book. But here I am – sad, yet, smiling. Sooley is a teen from South Sudan who finds his way to America as part of a showcase basketball tournament. Sooley, Samuel Sooleymon, has never even been outside his small village. He’s only played on the dirt courts, has never flown on a plane, owns just a few shirts. Yet, he’s on his way to America. He has some skills, but none of those seem ready to translate to real success. What he does have, though, is a determination that few others have. He practices hours longer than anyone else, taking thousands of shots until he perfects his game. He knows that if he is successful, he can bring his family over from their war-torn country. But can he do it in time? Before more tragedy befalls the family? This was a stunning read, not only from a basketball fan’s point of view but from a humankind point of view. The characters were real, and the dichotomy of their positions at this place in time was stark. But, wow, the real love expressed in these pages was the best part. Sooley and his family. Beatrice and her children. Sooley and Murray. Sooley and Coach. Sooley and his teammates. Just so incredibly uplifting. I will think about Sooley and his smile for a long time. Read it now!

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