3 for Fans of Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

Love Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid? Try these!

That Kind of Mother by Rumaan Alam
When her son’s nanny dies in childbirth, Rebecca adopts her son. But she is unprepared for what it means to be a white mother with a black son. As she soon learns, navigating motherhood for her is a matter of learning how to raise two children whom she loves with equal ferocity, but whom the world is determined to treat differently.

They Could Have Named Her Anything by Stephanie Jimenez
Maria struggles as one of the only Latina students in her private school until she meets the white, rebellious, and wealthy Rocky. But crackling under the surface of their seemingly supportive alliance, the girls begin to commit little betrayals as they strive to get closer to their ideals regardless of the consequences.

One Night In Georgia by Celeste O Norfleet
In 1968, three friends from New York pack into their car, bound for their final year a college in Atlanta, guided by the Motorist Green Book. When they hit Washington, D.C., the joyous trip turns dark. When the car breaks down in Georgia they are caught up in a racially hostile situation that leaves a white person dead and one of the girls holding the gun.