Dancing with the Devil Review

Review by Aleesha

Score: 4/5 Records

Popular Tracks: “Anyone” “Dancing with the Devil”

Personal Favorite Track: “Melon Cake”

Small Overview: Demi returns with their most personal and sonically well-rounded album to date. The album Dancing with the Devil is supposed to be the unofficial soundtrack to their documentary released with the same name. The extremely emotionally intense documentary surrounds their life leading up to their 2018 drug overdose and how the recovery went afterward. This documentary is not for everyone due to its in-depth details of Demi’s traumatic experiences and raw delivery. A lot of their songs have direct references to them being in the hospital, struggling to recover, and a sense of peace from living through it all. Demi has always sung with a certain confidence. There is no hesitation in the vocal delivery on this pop album. Every note and message is deliberate this time around.

More in Depth Analysis: The biggest theme on this album is learning to cope. Finding the best way to deal with demons, vices, and negativity is possible, according to Demi. Demi shows this with their new level of confidence within the vocals and delivery of lyrical content. The song “Dancing with the Devil” is about how Demi almost lost their life due to addiction. The song “Melon Cake” is about being free from the intense mental prison in relation to food. Another song is called “Anyone,” which is a musical cry for help. All of these songs deal with going through the path of understanding what is helpful and what is dangerous, which is a quite relatable topic. This album is very much worth a listen. Come and check it out from the library!  

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