Dead Space Review

Review by Shannon

“In space, no one can hear you scream.” The tagline of iconic science fiction/horror hybrid Alien (1979), it also applies to Dead Space by Kali Wallace. And, like AlienDead Space straddles the line between genres. At times, the book is a straightforward science fiction story. Hester Marley had been a member of an exploratory scientific venture when a terrorist attack upends her life. She was badly injured and ended up with robotic limbs and staggering debt. Forced into a futuristic version of indentured servitude, Marley investigates pretty basic crimes, although they are the crimes of the future.

The book takes a turn, though, when she travels to a mining asteroid to look into a murder. There are less than a dozen people on board, and no travel, so the murderer is still there. The book becomes very claustrophobic and tense, as Marley must determine not only who the killer is but why they would have murdered a seemingly kind and quiet scientist for no apparent reason. She doesn’t know who to trust, if she can trust anyone, and begins to doubt her own abilities and memories.

Dead Space is a recommended read for both science fiction and horror fans. Once Marley’s investigation really gets underway, it’s hard to put it down.

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