Uncommon Type Review

Review by Darla

This was lovely.  Like sitting across the table from Tom Hanks, listening to him tell a tale.  There is very much of Tom Hanks in every story; they are engaging, thought-provoking, humorous little gems.  Some have a touch of sadness, some are nostalgic, and one of them is even a bit eerie.  I have enjoyed every one of them and look forward to reading them all over again.  I like having a book of short stories on my phone, for reading in short bursts when waiting in line or a doctor’s office, and Mr. Hanks’s book is utterly perfect for that.  The next time around, I’m going to pay closer attention and find the typewriter; there’s just got to be one in every story.  It will be like a special little puzzle from Tom to me.  If you like Tom Hanks, if you like short stories, if you enjoy a tale well told, read this book!

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