Stampede Cover

Stampede Review

Review by Joshua P.

People stricken with “gold fever” who attempted to get to the Klondike, good luck, you needed it. A lot of it. Prospectors faced brutal conditions, crime, disease, drowning, freezing to death, starvation, and other maladies with long odds of even getting a smidgen of magical gold dust.

After reading Stampede by Brian Castner, I’m thinking I don’t need to read another book about the Klondike gold rush. The book is so well done; it felt as if I was right there in the Yukon with these people. Castner includes endless amounts of detail while focusing on a wide-ranging group of characters. Prospectors, criminals, good-time girls, and greedy businessmen are just some of the people who populate the boomtowns and remote gold beds that drew over 100,000 people to the Canadian Yukon in the late 1800s. Stampede is a rip-roarer.

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