Hana Review

Review by Magda

I enjoy reading international literature. It opens new universes, especially in times when we can’t travel. Alena Mornštajnová is currently the most read Czech author. Hana is her first book translated into English. She has written six previous books and received several literary awards. Even though the three-tiered plot of the book is about the well-covered topic of the Holocaust, this book gives the story a new perspective. Until the very last pages, the reader might think they know what is going on in the story and how it will end, but Mornštajnová has us fooled until the very end. The bittersweet but often humorous plot made this a book that I read in one sitting. Hana is a reflection on humanity that feels very contemporary, representing the life of one community, one family, and the dreams of two sisters, and it has lingered with me for a long time. 

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