In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood Review

Review by Madeleine

I love true crime, and even though this book has been out since 1965 and the events described within happened in 1959 in the same state I have lived in all of my life, I remained ignorant of the crime/story until finally reading this book. I am sure this has been repeated since, but it was the first time I have ever read a true crime book that felt so close and personal to the killers, victims, and everyone else this horrible crime touched. I could truly see them all as individuals with pasts, presents, and futures stolen away by murder. Again, there have been 56 years of people writing reviews for this book, and there isn’t much I can contribute. I am glad I read it. I think anyone who loves true crime should read it. However, I do not think it is something I could reread, at least not anytime soon.

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